Toltek Services offers a professional home preventive maintenance information to all visitors at no cost.

Our information is offered free and without advertisements as a service to our family and friends around the world.

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  • Customize an Owner’s Manual for where you live and work
  • Prolong the useful life of your home and its equipment
  • Avoid home repair cost
  • Lower utility bills
  • Your home is your biggest investment and through our program, you learn and implement insider tricks that keep homes and offices energy efficient (green) and maintenance free.
  • NO RISK 100% satisfaction  – currently FREE!
  • SAVE on utilities, maintenance, and repairs.
  • LOWER your carbon foot print starting on day one.
  • MAKE your home safer for you, your children and guests.
  • LEARN home saving secrets, tips and practices.

The green economy is changing tasks, skills, and jobs across the country. Let the maintenance guru show you how to green up your life without remodeling, purchasing new appliances, or changing anything.

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