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Key Tip to Building Buyer Trust

It's common for both car and boat dealerships to inspect used inventory before adding it to their sales lots. When someone is purchasing a high-priced item, such as a car, boat, or in this case, a home, they expect it to be safe and of good quality.

That said, it's curious why sellers and realtors wouldn't check the significant components of houses before negotiating a deal.

For $50 (less than a dinner for 2), you can get a 4-Point Inspection and know the condition of the home’s four major components (roof, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing) before going to market.

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Investing in a 4-Point Inspection upfront aids in building buyer trust and benefits not only the seller but the realtor as well!

The Benefit to the Seller:

If you're selling a home, a 4-Point inspection is a reliable way to get information about the house's four most important insurance-related components. With this information, you can address any necessary repairs before showing the house to potential buyers, which can help reduce their anxiety. Additionally, the inspection is valid for up to five years and can be promoted as a cost-saving benefit for the buyer.

The Benefit to the Realtor:

As a realtor, have you considered recommending a 4-Point inspection to your clients when they list their property? It's worth considering because many realtors spend thousands on staging homes, hundreds on buying ads, and countless trips showing the property, only to find out later that it won't pass the insurance requirements. Knowing the property's condition upfront can help you avoid delayed or lost sales due to repairs, build trust with your clients, and make you look good. Best of all, it costs very little compared to the potential costs of repairs.

The Choice is Yours

As a homeowner or realtor, determining the best time to schedule a home inspection is a decision you'll need to make. Choosing to schedule this inspection at the beginning of the home-selling process is a simple and budget-friendly method to establish credibility and speed up the sale. Ultimately, knowing that the home is secure and insurable provides peace of mind for all parties involved, making it a valuable investment.

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