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August Home Health Checklist

Our August Home Health Checklist covers many important areas of your home with a special emphasis on indoor climate control and plumbing. From heating and cooling to bathtubs and bidets, we have a checklist to meet your needs. Our continued goal with these monthly checklists is to help keep your home in tip-top shape while avoiding any costly insurance claims down the road.

These checklists help readers understand how their home functions, what to look for to reduce breakdowns, and the insurance claims that often follow. They are visual inspections designed to bring awareness of conditions that may need to be corrected before a breakdown occurs. The actions are generic recommendations and are not designed or intended to replace or supersede manufacturer recommendations; they are general instructions to bring awareness to your home’s health.

Each month, we will publish the checklists recommended to be performed during that month. Click the links below to access the checklists related to your home.


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