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April Home Health Checklist

Our April Home Health Checklist contains 28 practical tips for keeping your home in excellent working condition this month. This checklist covers many essential areas, including appliances such as water softeners, outdoor grills, and your clothes washer/dryer. As the spring season approaches, it's crucial to prioritize the maintenance of essential household appliances.

Proper maintenance of the water softener ensures that it continues to function efficiently, preventing the build-up of mineral deposits and extending its lifespan. Similarly, giving attention to the outdoor grill by cleaning its grates, checking for gas leaks, and ensuring proper functioning not only enhances safety but also ensures enjoyable outdoor gatherings. Additionally, conducting maintenance on the washer and dryer, including cleaning lint traps, checking hoses for leaks, and inspecting for any unusual noises, helps to maintain their performance and prevent potential breakdowns. By dedicating time to these maintenance tasks, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of well-functioning and efficient household essentials throughout the spring and beyond.

Our ultimate aim with these monthly checklists is to help keep your home in tip-top shape while also avoiding costly insurance claims down the road.

Important Home Health Checklist Note:

These checklists help readers understand how their home functions, what to look for to reduce breakdowns, and the insurance claims that often follow. They are visual inspections designed to raise awareness of conditions that may need to be corrected before a breakdown occurs. The actions are generic recommendations and are not designed to replace or supersede manufacturer recommendations; they are general instructions to raise awareness of your home’s health.

Each month, we will publish the checklists recommended to be performed during that month. Click the links below to access the April PDF checklists related to your home.


Want help from a Pro?

In addition to our monthly checklists, you can schedule an Annual Home Maintenance inspection to get on-the-spot tips from a Certified Home Inspector. This inspection will verify if your home's maintenance is sufficient or if any issues have developed in the past year. Understanding and planning for the demands of maintaining your home correctly is a skill that can benefit both new and seasoned homeowners.

You can schedule an inspection directly online or give us a call to learn more. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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