Frequently Asked Questions

How long do most checklists take to perform?
Most checklists can be completed in 5 minutes or less. Some take longer but the more familiar you become with the process, the easier each checklist becomes.
What if I decide to purchase this program and then want to cancel my subscription?
We have a very friendly refund policy, if you decided you do not want to continue your subscription, you simply notify us within the first 30 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked!
What do I have to know to get started?
You don’t have to know anything about maintenance; we have designed this program so that anyone can do it. If you get stuck, drop the maintenance guru a line and he will help.
What if I have questions about other things that may not be covered on the monthly check?
Toltek has provided a blog for all subscribers. On this blog, you can post your question and it will be answered for you or you will receive advice on where you may want to go to find the answer. You are also invited to use our email address to get answers to your questions.
Do you recommend that I write on the check lists as I perform my inspections?
Yes, we highly recommend that you annotate your findings on each item. It provides a historical record for you on the serviceability of your equipment. The system is designed to provide a complete historical record of your facility so you can develop a complete understanding of your facility and the equipment that supports it.
What if I perform an inspection and the next day something breaks or fails that I didn’t detect?
Our methods are designed to help you identify potential problems before they become major repairs. Things still happen to mechanical equipment and structures that cannot be detected. We do not guarantee that this service will eliminate all maintenance problems forever. We offer you a reasonable and easy series of home and office inspections that help identify areas and items that may need attention.