Feb 152012

Words of Encouragement from the Maintenance Guru    February often brings with it cold weather along with snow and wind as spring time is just around the corner.  I have designed inspections scheduled for February as indoor inspections with the exception of solar panels.  Of course, solar panels need to be inspected monthly to maintain peak efficiency.  Keeping solar panels snow free is often a challenge in the spring time when the snow is heavy and wet and roofs are slick and dangerous.  Use extreme caution when clearing snow from your solar panels.  Review the ladder safety checklist before using

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Jan 152012

New Year’s Resolution – A Gym Membership for Your Home or Office – Let Toltek Services, LLC, Home of the Maintenance Guru, Provide the Information Your Home Needs To Get In Shape.    Everyone has made at least one resolution by now, most have already broken one of them in part or in whole.  The three most resolved things in America are to lose weight, get a new job, and get in shape through a gym membership.  All three are admirable objectives and all three involve life changes with a huge commitment of time and effort.  At the turn of

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Dec 152011
Help Shopping for Newlyweds - What to Get?

Holiday Words Of Encouragement    This is a wonderful time of year for most of our subscribers and it is easy to put your home’s maintenance on the back burner in order to get everything done.  Please take a few minutes to perform your maintenance actions.  Note that the attic checklist is included this month, you can check your attic while retrieving or storing items used during Thanksgiving or for Christmas. Also, note that fireworks also made the December checklist.  Many of us will shoot fireworks on New Year’s Eve and storage can be a problem in the heart of

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Nov 152011

Turkey Fryers Will Cause Fire Damage this Thanksgiving, Don’t Become a Victim. Deep frying Thanksgiving Turkeys often involves men, cigars, beer, Frisbees, footballs, pets, televisions and a five gallon bucket of hot grease located inches away from 30 pounds of propane transported through a small rubber hose past a regulator to an open flame on stilts.  What can possibly go wrong? I learned the secrets of frying turkeys in 1996 while living in Charleston, SC.   Frying turkeys has been an annual Thanksgiving tradition ever since.  Each year, my turkeys have turned out perfect and my wife enjoys focusing on the

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Oct 152011
How to Prevent a Household Fire - Top 10 Things

October is FIRE SAFETY Awareness Month The National Fire prevention week is the week of October in which October 9th falls in order to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of October 9, 1871. That fire killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres.  The fire left such devastation and chaos in Chicago that it forced the United States Government to take another look at how fire prevention and fire management was being viewed and handled amongst its citizens. In the years following, the Fire Marshalls Association of North America took

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