Jul 152012
The Effects of Drought and Wild Fires & How to Prevent them

Drought and Wild Fires The Maintenance Guru read this week that the largest disaster declaration ever issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture took effect on July 13th.  The map above was published at http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome and represents the counties affected.  Drought conditions lead to fires.  Most of our subscribers have been affected in one way or another from the fires that have spread across the country over the past 60 days.  We have no subscribers who have reported personal loss for the fires however, many of our subscribers have reported smelling and seeing smoke daily. The Maintenance Guru visited his parents in

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Jun 152012
8 Easy Tips for Safe Fireworks

8 Easy Steps to Fireworks Safety   There just does not seem to be enough time to create good habits when it comes to fireworks.  Each year, home owners lose everything because they were careless or just didn’t know how to store, use, and discard fireworks.  Subscribers at www.maintenanceguru.com received detailed instructions this month concerning fireworks safety.  Dave Risha, the Maintenance Guru sais that the dangers associated with fireworks can be significantly mitigated with a few simple precautions. Step 1: Conduct a risk assessment to determine your plan of action in the event that a fire starts. A risk assessment will help you find

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May 152012

Wood Decks and Springtime   Spring is in the air everywhere and it’s time to begin enjoying outdoor decks for entertaining friends, barbequing with the family and just watching the sun rise and set. Decks seem to be a favorite project for many very capable “do it yourselfers” and for some not so capable. Often wood decks are built after the original construction without the aid of city building inspectors. It is very important that each deck be inspected before the heavy use season of summer. The Maintenance Guru has included wood deck inspections on this month’s inspection schedule. The inspections

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Apr 152012

Start Saving Energy by Keeping Score    Spring is in the air across the country and that means Spring cleaning and a new focus on the home.  People spend time planning Spring projects, cleaning closets, and redecorating rooms to reflect the newness in the air.  Spring is the perfect time to begin saving electricity and lower cooling costs. Start by gathering utility bills from last May, June, July and August.  Use a table similar to the one below to write down what you consumed and not what was paid.  For example, electric utility bills indicate consumption in terms of kilowatt

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Mar 152012

Build Your Owner’s Manual Today!    The plane is being tugged back to the gate now because the pilot noted a warning light after starting the number one engine.  Its 10:10 P.M. on the red eye from Atlanta to Philadelphia.  The only comfort in this scenario is that a manual exists detailing the procedures to follow when the warning light illuminates.  Manuals are handy tools in aviation and everywhere.  Most items purchased come with owner’s manuals.  The one purchase that over 50% of most people’s paycheck goes to each month for life doesn’t come with a manual.  Where is the

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