What It Costs

Current Subscriptions are FREE!

Our program is currently FREE and allows you to enroll in a risk free program that provides professional advice and instructions for your home. From paint to plumbing, from deck to roof, from walls to wells, from fireplace to the crawl space, from safety to security, from filters to fences, from ammo to fireworks, inside and out, you learn how to inspect and care for your home.

When you implement this program, you are guaranteed to save money on utility bills which have been reported to be as high as $600 per year.  Greater savings are  but what is even better is the potential savings in breakdown maintenance and repair.

Example: A water leak undetected can cost $1,000s in repairs. If you detect one potential problem before it damages your home, you have paid for this program many times over.

A monthly reminder to change your air filter alone can save $30 a month.

Free giveaways include:

  • A vacation checklist (tips and more money saving advice)
  • Direct access to the Maintenance Guru himself through info@toltekservices.com