Apr 152012

Start Saving Energy by Keeping Score

   Spring is in the air across the country and that means Spring cleaning and a new focus on the home.  People spend time planning Spring projects, cleaning closets, and redecorating rooms to reflect the newness in the air.  Spring is the perfect time to begin saving electricity and lower cooling costs.

Start by gathering utility bills from last May, June, July and August.  Use a table similar to the one below to write down what you consumed and not what was paid.  For example, electric utility bills indicate consumption in terms of kilowatt hours (kwh).  The focus is on energy savings and by using less energy, you will ultimately save money.

The Maintenance Guru recommends subscribers set up a simple table like the one below:

kwh < 5% Target Record Actual Usage
 May 2011 858 42.9 815.1
 June 2011 2590 129.5 2460.5
 July 2011 1590 79.5 1510.5
 August 2011 1432 71.6 1360.4

In the first column, record your consumption for each month you want included in the challenge.  Next, multiply your consumption by the amount of your target savings, in the example above the target savings is 5%.  Subtract the targeted savings amount from last year’s consumption and that number becomes your target.  Many utility billing cycles run from two to four weeks behind which means that the bill you pay in May, may reflect the energy you used in April.  It is for that reason that August is also included on this score card.

Few challenges in life are accomplished without first setting goals, establishing a time period, and then consciously modifying behavior to achieve the goal.  If you truly want to save energy, first set a goal.  Next get your family involved.  Let’s review what 5% savings would result in terms of dollars using the example above and using Jacksonville’s kwh rate of $0.1351.

kwh < 5% $/kwh Savings
 May 2011 858 42.9 0.1351  $       5.80
 June 2011 2590 129.5 0.1351  $    17.50
 July 2011 1590 79.5 0.1351  $    10.74
 August 2011 1432 71.6 0.1351  $       9.67
 $    43.70

A 5% saving is not difficult to achieve as most people can achieve 20% to 30% by implementing the recommendations included with the subscription to maintenanceguru.com.  By getting the family involved and keeping score each month, you will bring awareness to the use of energy and begin to develop personal habits that will result in a lifetime of savings.

I want to hear from you so please let me know how it goes.  The subscriber who saves the most energy each month will receive a Toltek Services ball cap or coffee mug.  Best of luck to everyone!

Spring Safety

This is just a quick note to remind everyone to check their fire extinguishers.  Don’t forget the ones in your boat, recreational vehicles, next to your ammunition and reloading equipment, in the garage, and anywhere you have an extinguisher.  Also, make sure everyone in your home or office knows where the fire extinguisher is located and how to use it.