Feb 152012

Words of Encouragement from the Maintenance Guru

   February often brings with it cold weather along with snow and wind as spring time is just around the corner.  I have designed inspections scheduled for February as indoor inspections with the exception of solar panels.  Of course, solar panels need to be inspected monthly to maintain peak efficiency.  Keeping solar panels snow free is often a challenge in the spring time when the snow is heavy and wet and roofs are slick and dangerous.  Use extreme caution when clearing snow from your solar panels.  Review the ladder safety checklist before using the ladder and it is always a good idea to have a helper hold the ladder.  Ladder rungs can collect moisture and ice.  Be aware of your equipment and keep it safe out there.  Keep saying to yourself that springtime is just around the corner.

For many of us, February is a mixed bag of weather.  The Maintenance Guru lives in Jacksonville, Florida and often needs heat in the evenings and air conditioning during the day.  It is more important than ever to keep thermostats adjusted properly and turn them down or off when nobody is home.  Remember, nobody leaves their cars running all day just to keep the inside environment at room temperature.  Use the same philosophy for your home or office.  Turn the lights off and turn the climate control system down when you leave.  If you don’t already have a digital programmable thermostat, think about buying one.  Most programmable thermostats have four our more setting per day.  You can turn your heat way down when you leave for work (I turn mine off 15 minutes before I leave) and then have it turn on 15 to 30 minutes before you get home from work.  The cost savings can be remarkable.  Many report savings of up to 30% per month.

Holiday Weekend Ahead – Use the Vacation Checklist

Many of our subscribers will be off on Monday in observance of the Federal Holiday .  If you are traveling, remember to download and use the vacation checklist to take the stress of preparation out of the trip and a prepared home reduces the risk of fire and water damage while you are gone.

Three “Must Know” Tips to Owning a Foreclosed Home – Let Toltek Services, LLC, Show Home Owners How to Avoid Unexpected Maintenance

Foreclosed homes have typically been through a rough period from the perspective of the structure and its equipment.  The Maintenance Guru said many people are caught by surprise when things begin to break down during the first three years of ownership.  The Maintenance Guru presents his top three tips to eliminating costly maintenance after the purchase.

Tip #1:  Begin a formal maintenance program immediately.  Maintenance was the last thing on the previous tenant’s mind as they were preparing to vacate the home you are in now.  The reason the home was foreclosed is because there was not enough money available to make the monthly payments.  Understandably, the lack of a maintenance program causes undue wear and tear on the home and the equipment within.  By beginning a formal maintenance regiment, owners identify and correct problems before they become expensive replacements.

Tip #2:  Document each inspection and finding then follow-up with corrective actions when necessary.  Determine if further action is required and then schedule that action if necessary.  Home owners who are unsure if further action is needed can monitor a potential problem and see if it gets worse.  For example, when cracks in walls are detected, take a picture of the crack and conduct the same inspection a month later and see if the crack grew.  If so, corrective maintenance may be needed, if not, continue to monitor the crack during future inspections.

Tip #3:  Understand that the “fixer-upper” maintenance often performed by the bank after foreclosure was designed to “sell the home” which often translates to doing the cosmetic things that mask or hide the needs of the home.  By implementing a comprehensive home maintenance program, hidden problems are detected and breakdown maintenance, major repair maintenance, and replacement maintenance can be avoided.

Most buyers receive real value through the purchase of foreclosed property.  Toltek Services, LLC specializes in helping homeowners extend their value by providing everything needed to implement and conduct comprehensive maintenance programs across the country and around the world.

The Maintenance Guru has priced the program at only $3.99 per year.  This is no misprint; the cost is only $3.99 per year.  The program also comes with a 100% money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose except high maintenance costs, high utility costs, and high replacement costs.  Make your home maintenance free by subscribing at www.maintenanceguru.com