Jan 152012

New Year’s Resolution – A Gym Membership for Your Home or Office – Let Toltek Services, LLC, Home of the Maintenance Guru, Provide the Information Your Home Needs To Get In Shape.

   Everyone has made at least one resolution by now, most have already broken one of them in part or in whole.  The three most resolved things in America are to lose weight, get a new job, and get in shape through a gym membership.  All three are admirable objectives and all three involve life changes with a huge commitment of time and effort.  At the turn of each New Year, young and old alike recognize that age takes its toll on the body and that certain life changes can prolong life, reduce medical costs, and improve how we feel about ourselves.

Dave Risha, known by his friends and family as the Maintenance Guru (owner of Toltek Services, LLC) has seen the affect of age on buildings and equipment within homes and offices.  Dave says “the same concepts surrounding many New Year’s resolutions of preventive maintenance can produce profound improvements in terms of savings around homes and offices while creating a healthier and safer environment for everyone.”
In addition to New Year’s resolutions, most people have regular check-ups with their medical, dental, and vision doctors.  These check-ups are intended to identify problems that can be corrected easily through diet, exercise, or corrective medicine that helps people live longer without the expense of life saving procedures that are the result of letting health issues go un checked until it is too late to make minor adjustments and corrections.
Homes and offices are just like people, they need physical inspections periodically that are designed to identify and correct small problems before they become major repairs or replacements.  The Maintenance Guru at Toltek Services has developed a complete inspection system for homes and offices that takes less time to conduct each month than two trips to the gym and can save $1,000s each year.  The program works because it clearly defines what to inspect and how to inspect it and even recommends the month each inspection should be performed.  The program is a complete package designed specifically for homes and offices.  The comprehensive program covers appliances, heating and cooling equipment, plumbing, electrical, structural, and safety equipment such as fire and smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.  Each inspection is conducted in a few minutes (usually about one hour each month for the entire program).  The cost savings produced by the Maintenance Guru’s program may just pay for your gym membership and a few dinners out each month.
The average home maintenance costs 1% of the home’s value each year.  This figure does not include replacement costs that also run at an average of 1% of the home’s value each year.  Home owners should also budget 1% each year for replacement costs associated with appliances, climate control systems, etc.  Replacements don’t happen every year but when they do, the out-of-pocket money can be substantial.  A $300,000 home will cost around $3,000 per year to maintain and another $3,000 should be tucked away for replacing roofs, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. Some maintenance costs cannot be eliminated but many can be significantly reduced by people who would rather learn to do things for themselves and gain a better understanding of their home and how it works.
A functional preventive maintenance program reduces the annual maintenance costs and can significantly reduce and sometimes eliminate replacement costs.  If an air conditioner is properly maintained, it can last longer reducing the replacement costs and will likely break down less reducing the need for repairs.  Often, companies successfully sell preventive maintenance programs following the replacement of units justly convincing owners that better maintenance could have eliminated the need to replace the unit. Toltek Services recommends that preventive maintenance begin before a major expense has incurred and has designed their program for everyone who is responsible for paying a utility bill or maintaining a home.
Everyone knows somebody who has had to repair their home because of water damage caused by a drip under a sink or behind a washing machine.  When drips go undetected damage is sustained to floors, walls, cabinets, ceilings and more.  A simple inspection can detect evidence of a potential problem before damage is ever sustained.  Corrective action can be taken that often involves only the cost of a washing machine new hose gasket. Everyone has time to check their washing machine hoses (15 seconds) but what is lacking is a reminder to do it along with simple instructions about what to look for.
Another benefit of a preventive maintenance program is the energy saving that come with proper maintenance.  Plugged filters cause heaters or air conditioners to stay on longer in an effort to circulate enough air to heat or cool a space.  Instead of running for a few minutes then turning off, units may run for an hour or worse yet, never shut off.  By inspecting and changing filters periodically, home and office budgets realize significant savings in utility costs the very first month.  The Maintenance Guru also provides information used by large facility management professional firms to operate homes more efficiently and cut utility bills by 10% to 30% without spending a dime on new windows, appliances, insulation.
Preventive maintenance also improves the health of people who live and work within any space.  Most people understand that mold can cause multiple health issues for young and old alike.  Few people think about the mold that may be present within their homes.  One hiding place is the tops of ceiling fan blades.  Mold is circulated throughout a home each time the fan is turned on.  The Maintenance Guru’s preventive maintenance program includes inspection and cleaning of items like ceiling fans.
Programs such as these have been used by professionals maintaining large commercial facilities at great expense to owners. Dave Risha spent over 35 years in this environment and recognized the need the average home and office owner has to become more efficient and reduce their daily maintenance and operating costs.  Today’s economy effects everyone and the need to operate more efficiently goes beyond better gas mileage in a car.  The need transcends to better utility mileage for homes and better maintenance mileage for our equipment.  The Maintenance Guru is quoted saying “every home, office, and building in the world that would benefit from this program.” If every home in America alone could save just $30 per month in utilities alone, imagine the impact the savings would have on our world,
The Maintenance Guru has priced the program at only $3.99 per year.  This is no misprint; the cost is only $3.99 per year.  The program also comes with a 100% money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose except high maintenance costs, high utility costs, and high replacement costs.  Resolve to keep your home maintenance free in 2012 by subscribing atwww.maintenanceguru.com.