Dec 152011

Holiday Words Of Encouragement 

  This is a wonderful time of year for most of our subscribers and it is easy to put your home’s maintenance on the back burner in order to get everything done.  Please take a few minutes to perform your maintenance actions.  Note that the attic checklist is included this month, you can check your attic while retrieving or storing items used during Thanksgiving or for Christmas.
Also, note that fireworks also made the December checklist.  Many of us will shoot fireworks on New Year’s Eve and storage can be a problem in the heart of winter.  Review the checklist, follow the storage advice and have a safe and happy holiday season.  May you all be prosperous in the New Year.

Christmas Shopping for Newlyweds and Other Hard To Buy Fors

Toltek Services, LLC, Home of the Maintenance Guru, Suggests the Perfect Shopping List for Everyone

Newlyweds receive tons of wedding gifts, most of which are needed to help establish their home essentials with a few non-essential things tossed in for good measure. The Maintenance Guru, president of Toltek Services, LLC has attended his share of weddings and suggests tools as an appropriate gift for every new couple. Now that the wedding and all of the showers leading up to the wedding are over, most newly married couples have the small appliances, dishes, flatware, bedding, and picture frames they need. In the mad rush to purchase the perfect Christmas gift for those newlyweds this year, consider giving hand tools to assist in the establishment of the new nest. The Maintenance Guru suggests the purchase of at least one tool of your choice this year. These hand tools also work for office secret Santa gifts, and gifts to men and women who are difficult to buy for.
Hand tools are inexpensive, not gender specific, and an absolute requirement for every home regardless of its size. From putting bed frames together to hanging pictures, making minor repairs to bikes and boards to hooking up that new video game and performing home maintenance of all kinds, everyone needs a basic tool box. The Maintenance Guru stresses that no home or office can have too many tools. No need to worry about giving a tool that is already in the tool box either because most people want small tools available in multiple places. For example, many kitchens have a screwdriver, small tape measure, and a pair of pliers in a drawer for immediate use, even though the same tools may be found in a tool box in the garage and another one in the trunk of the car.
The tool needed by everyone is an inexpensive box cutter. Give one to everyone on your list and have them open your box cutter first so it will be available to cut away the plastic that seems to surround most electronic gifts this year. Then, remind everyone to move the blade away from their body when cutting. Other must have tools that everyone needs includes an adjustable end wrench (any size), bucket, claw hammer, extension cord, flashlight, gloves, hacksaw, pliers, screwdrivers, magnifying glass, and a three prong adapter for electrical cords so three prong cords can work in two prong outlets. Most of these hand tools can be purchased for under $5 and many cost less.


Basic Tool List

·       1/8” drill (electric)
·       12” pipe wrench
·       25’ tape measure
·       Adjustable end wrench (crescent wrench) small, medium
·       Allen wrench sets (SAE and Metric)
·       Box cutter
·       Bucket
·       Carpenter pencil
·       Chalk line
·       Circular saw (electric)
·       Claw hammer
·       Drop cord
·       Drop light
·       Dyke pliers
·       Electrical tester
·       Flashlight
·       Gloves
·       Eye Glasses Screwdriver Set
·       Hacksaw
·       Handsaw
·       Household pliers
·       Interchangeable screwdriver (2 Philips and 2 straight)
·       Jig saw (electric)
·       Level
·       Magnet on an extending rod
·       Magnifying glass
·       Miter box and saw
·       Needle nose pliers
·       Paint brush
·       Paint roller
·       Razorblade scraper
·       Rubber mallet
·       Set of boxed-end and open-end wrenches (SAE and metric)
·       Set of drill bits
·       Set of Philips head screwdrivers (small, medium, large)
·       Set of socket wrenches (SAE and Metric)
·       Set of spade drill bits for wood projects
·       Set of straight screw drivers (small, medium, large)
·       Sheetrock saw (wallboard saw)
·       Shop vacuum
·       Side cutters
·       Scissors (kitchen/utility)
·       Slip joint pliers
·       Small adjustable square
·       Three prong adapter for electrical cord
·       Water pump pliers
·       Wood chisels (1/2” and 34”)

The bolded items above represent “must have” tools that should be available in every home or office.  Most homes and offices can use more than one of each.  Flashlights should be available in vehicles, garages, offices, bedrooms, and throughout the home or office.  The hacksaw is recommended as a “must because hacksaw blades cut wood and metal where a standard wood cutting handsaw only cuts soft material.  Box cutters given as gifts should be opened first so that the cutter may be used to remove the hard plastic wrap on all of the other gifts.  Inexpensive box cutters can be purchased for about a dollar.

Basic tool boxes with the above items available provide a variety of tools needed to perform most minor maintenance inspections and repairs.

Dave Risha, President of Toltek Services, LLC is the Maintenance Guru. Dave was a master plumber at the age of 17 and has maintained residential and commercial facilities across the country for over 35 years. His company provides an online preventive maintenance program designed for homeowners and small businesses who want to save money by making their equipment last longer, eliminating breakdown repairs, and use less energy. Annual subscriptions can be purchased at http://www.maintenanceguru.comfor only $3.99. Satisfaction is guaranteed.