Jun 152011

One Dishwasher Load Saves ~$895.5M

As a member of this service, you are provided an opportunity to learn and maybe more importantly to think about how you use energy. Everyone wants to do something to “save the planet” but many think it costs money to do so. That perception is simply not true.
The Maintenance Guru talks with people each day who debunk the theory of global warming and claim that global warming is nothing more than a scare campaign. The Guru is not a scientist nor does he claim to be an expert on global warming. What he does know is that if he starts his car in a closed garage and falls asleep, chances are that he will not wake up.
So, if concentrated pollution kills in a garage, it seems to stand to reason that pollution in the atmosphere cannot be a good thing. I don’t know for certain, I’m just saying it is possible.
You can take actions that will help and will cost you nothing like, only run your dish washer when it is full, only run your washing machine when you have a full load. According to Answers.com there are around 114,825,428 households in the US. If every household could cut one dishwasher use per week, The savings would be $17,223,814.20 per week, ($895,638,338/yr).

Fire Works Can Kill

I have been asked why I schedule fire works in June and December.  The answer is simple, people purchase the bulk of their fire works in June and December in preparation for the 4th of July and New Years Eve celebrations.
Often, the purchases are left in car windshields, on kitchen counters, and in the reach of children.  Fire is a real and present danger.  I live in Jacksonville, FL and currently there are 17 fires burning around Jacksonville.  Arizona also has several fires one that has consumed 700 square miles of real estate.
Several states are now experiencing fires to include Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, California to name a few.  Fires are different than other natural disasters, families are affected in different ways.  Hurricanes and tornados strike quickly with little time to prepare.  Fires on the other hand come at homes slowly and are guided by the prevailing winds.  PLEASE follow the Maintenance Guru’s and keep your family safe.

Your Home’s Skincare

Skincare for your home is very much like skincare for yourself.  That right, the Maintenance Guru suggests that you take a close look at your home’s skin a couple of times each year.  Winter can be very hard on your home’s exterior so this month, we begin our examination.  By looking closely at your doors and windows, you can detect damage caused by harsh winter and spring weather.
Constant freezing and thawing causes water to work into small cracks then freeze and expand making cracks larger, causing wood to become saturated with water and promoting decay.  Think of your ice cubes.  Those of you who remember ice trays or homemade popsicles remember that you couldn’t fill the trays to the top because when liquids freeze, they expand.  Now picture water frozen in the wood, bricks, or siding of your home.  Damage can be sustained but the good news is that if you detect it early, you can fix it would little or no expense.  Maybe a little paint or some caulking and you are set for another year.  Skincare for your home is a must have.