Safety First in May

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May 152011

Safety First This Month

This month’s safety inspections are related to explosives. That’s right, the Maintenance Guru knows first hand how dangerous explosives can be to you, your family and even your neighbors. You see, the Maintenance Guru was a firefighter in the United States Air Force and has a degree in fire sciences.
As a first responder, we were always taught to be mindful of explosive hazards within a home. I was taught to cut the utilities (gas and electric) when possible before entering or spraying water on a burning home. I never knew what dangers existed inside the home.
You can do your part to keep your home safe for yourself and for the first responders who may one day be called upon to save your life. Read the checklists and follow the instruction closely as the life you save, may be your own.
P.S. I went into a gun store on Friday for the first time in 30 years and my how they have changed.

Roofs & Gutters

With any luck, our winter weather is behind us (except maybe for my family and friends in Wyoming). The snow pack is gone and it is time to take a peek at the roof and gutter systems.
This inspection is usually an easy one as it involves visually inspecting each system (roof & gutters). Often, snow pack can damage gutter systems through the thaw and freeze process that happens throughout the winter . You will want to check to see that your gutters are free from debris and that they are securely fastened to your home.

Commute Observation

The Maintenance Guru provides this information as a service to his friends. Yes, I have a day job which requires a 35 mile commute through Jacksonville,FL. This past week, I noticed 17 pickup trucks and vans with no spare tire. The wire and T supports were dangling below their vehicle waving in the wind as they drove to work. In addition 14 vehicles had one or more brake lights out. I got to thinking, I have not provided a vehicle inspection checklist for my subscribers.
Watch for one on the website and as an addition to the newsletter.

Learning the Maintenance Process

Conducting your own inspections can be very rewarding on a personal level and on a financial level as well.
I don’t know what it is but there is a real sense of accomplishment that comes from becoming self reliant and gaining the knowledge needed to become a pro at keeping your home or office maintained.
My first experience with this concept came in Artesia, New Mexico where I was responsible for the maintenance and operations of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.
I was proud of my entire staff but the housekeepers were the most remarkable. They had the most labor intensive job and received the least amount of pay.
I introduced the concept of self inspections, not to determine guilt but to improve quality. This group of women began inspecting the facility they cleaned.
We dropped from 70 service calls a week to 9 per month. Yep, that’s right. If things are tweaked through inspections, they are less likely to break. More next month.