Home Safety Tips

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Apr 152011

Safety First This Month

Twice each year, the Maintenance Guru has scheduled the inspection of your Fire Extinguishers and smoke detectors/carbon detector. Of course the reason is obvious however, so many people never think of inspecting their basic life saving equipment until it is too late. Do it now!

If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, get one! They are inexpensive and can be found at most home improvement stores and can save your property and even your life.

Many of our subscribers have more than one fire extinguisher and smoke detector. Make sure you inspect them all in accordance with the inspection checklist. Don’t forget the extinguisher on your boat, in your RV, in your garage or in your ammo or reloading area. Fire extinguishers are like phone chargers, you can never have too many of them and they need to be available when and where you need them. The Maintenance Guru used to make his living teaching fire safety and has seen the rewards of preparation.

Old Gas is Bad

Working outside in early spring can be an uplifting and almost spiritual event. Recently the Maintenance Guru read on a friends Facebook page that she heard the sound of a lawn mower and had to look outside to see if it was truly a lawn mower or a snow blower. Well, it was a lawn mower.

This is a reminder that if that gas has been sitting in the mower all winter, you should empty it out and start with new gas. After about 3 months, gas gets old and can do more damage to your carburetor and engine that it is worth. Play it safe, change your gas in lawn tools.

What to do First

  This month brings with it the promise of Spring. Some places have already experienced temperatures in the 90s while others have shoveled snow this month. This is the first month that you begin seeing outdoors items that require may require longer days of sunlight to get inspections completed after work.

The maintenance guru suggests that you keep the outdoors checklists on the top of the pile and work them in when you just want an excuse to be outside for a while. Complete the others anytime.

How’s Your Spare

The Maintenance Guru is now considering expanding your checklist options to include periodic inspections on automobiles. Most people know that they need to check their oil, coolant levels, power steering, power breaks, transmission oil and belts monthly but very few of us ever do.

We believe it is because we have no reminder to do so established and it never becomes routine. It may be time to change our way of doing (our way of thinking is just fine, it’s the doing part that is often lacking).

The Maintenance Guru changed his breaks on his family sedan last month. He needed to get under his spare tire in the trunk to get to his jack and tire iron. When he opened the cover and removed the spare tire he found the TIRE WAS FLAT! That’s right, things go bad for the maintenance guru just like they do for everyone else.

It may have been flat for a long time but it is not flat now. This month, make it a special point to check your spare tire too!